Saturday, July 12, 2008

Catching up, and a chance to Win with Fiskars

Long time no blog......been very busy with work and preparing for the Girls Day Out scrapbooking fundraiser for Taylor's school. The day was fantastic and looks like we might have an annual event on our my blog for future info.
Thank you so much to all our sponsors

Fiskars, Stampin Up, Xyron, Whitcoulls, Epics, Plastic Box, Spotlight, Footloose Shoes, Scrapbook Alley, Sister Act, Up2Scrap, Kiwiscraps, Warehouse Stationery

Also a big thanks goes out to our willing helpers from the Russell Street Supports Club (PTA) Maria, Rachel, Jane, Brian, Gail and my Mum Fay who did the home baking and serving...without them we wouldn't have been able to put on such a wonderful afternoon tea, dinner & supper!!!

And finally a huge thank you to Margo who paid to come along with her daughter Jade for a Mother/daughter day out, and then spent hours helping Charlotte out in the 2 kids classes....Margo you are a star!!!! (waving).

Here a quick picture of the school hall is decorated and ready for our 50 scrapbookers to arrive and enjoy their day.

Girls Day Out finished hours before the family and I jumped a very early morning flight to the Gold Coast for a week. Had a great time, wonderful weather, great Resort and the 10 year adored the theme parks and the trip to Australia Zoo, some typical "I've been to Aussie pictures below":
Who doesn't love a photo with a super hero!!!!!

How about the matching hats purchased at Australia Zoo - the Burney boys will apparently be sporting them when ever they go fishing in future (great ear protection apparently). I blame my brother Phil who has a Crocodile Hunter version complete with teeth that Taylor has always loved. That snake was BIG - I wasn't going anywhere never it!!! And Scooby doo....Taylor is a huge fan and loved having his photo taken with "the Gang"

Before I sign off Fiskars are running a competition on their rush over and submit a comment you might win
Bye for now....will be back shortly with a Lime Tart teaser....their new gallery is up on the 14th...and they have exciting news for scrappers in the US!!!...more later!!!

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adele74 said...

Good to hear you had a great time in Aussie. Looked like a lot of fun. Glad you are all home safe and sound.