Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fiskars Girls Night In Thursday 30th October

The Fiskars Ambassadors are running a fantastic run "Girls Night In" over at their blog tomorrow night - use the Fiskars Ambassadors link (in the right sidebar) to go to the Fiskars blog and join in. There a lots of fantastic fun things happening all night - so don't miss out and make sure you pop in and check it out!!!
Look out for the Girls Night In blinkie to participate in the Silent Auction that is running - this finishes on 30th October at 10.00am EST. There are some fabulous goodies up for auction - beautifully handmade items plus other gorgeous goodies that have been donated. All you have to do is lodge your bid (in Aussie dollars) on the Lot number that you're interested in and thats it....too easy!!!

Here's a sneak peak of a layout I created to celebrate the colour pink!!! This layout will be appear on the blog during the nights events.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Where did the last month go - warning long post!!!

Last month has been mad with lots of fun scrapbooking activities thrown in with a crazy busy time at work and my birthday some where there in the middle.
So a quick run down of the last month it started with a fab weekend away with an annual Scrapbooking Retreat with 3 of my fav scrap buddies Margo, Kris & Lou shopping, eating and scrapbooking at the beach - thanks ladies a wonderful time with lots of laughs as always. This photo might give you some idea about our weekend - Bombay Blue Gin, lots of lollies & fruit to keep the healthy eating half of our weekend happy.....I did eat at least one piece of fruit over the weekend on the strict instructions of Miss Kris!!!

I hope we didn't scare the locals too much with trying to get some "interesting" photos taken down at the beach (well we are Scrapbookers!!) - Margo found this log and thought we should try to act like cowgirls on a bucking broncho!!!!...not sure if that is how the people walking that day saw it or not!!!

Then the school holidays turned up and it was 5 days up at Ohope Beach at our BIL's holiday home with a couple of other families for some sun and fishing....well the sun was a bit on the thin side but the 6 kids we had with us had a great time any way - give a kid a beach in any weather and they are happy. Bruce and the other guys got some fishing in, and I celebrated my 40- something birthday (now its closer to 50 than 40 I am being vague on the last digit!!) up there and enjoyed a change of scene with my girlfriends doing some relaxing, reading and shopping.

Got to play with my new toy - Canon EOS 400D while away and loved how I could take this photo out of our car window when my hubby was trucking along at 100k plus....and get a decent photo - love this camera - enjoying learning how to drive it.

I was also thinking when looking at this photo how incredibly luck I am to live in a country where we can ski on this mountain 2 hrs from my home and then we can drive another 3 hours and be at the beach in shorts & t-shirts...I guess that's one of the reasons they call New Zealand Gods Own country!!

I only had one weekend at home and then it was a long planned Girls weekend away in Wellington to celebrate Kelly R's 40th birthday which included a quick trip to SENZ to shop and do a class. We had a ball staying at an apartment right in the CBD which meant we had the shops and restaurants at our fingertips and boy did we give them a workout....the car was so full at our last stop we wondered if we'd get the last parcel in the car without everything else falling out. Thanks Kelly, Charlotte & Joy (who flew in from Melbourne) for a wonderful weekend.

Anyway its a long weekend and time to catch up on a lot of neglected bit and pieces, including my blog.....
So here is one of the layouts that I gave a sneaky pic of last time that was shown in the Lime Tart blog. Due to problems that Philippa has been experiencing in receiving product on time, and the fact that living in NZ I am the last to receive my kit, my work has featured on the blog, rather than the galleries.

Thanks to Tanya for giving me the idea for this title...its a goodie!!
I have been working with the Half Tart this month...so here are a few sneak pics of my work - which you will find at the Lime Tart Zest blog shortly.

A canvas for a change....for some reason blogger has decided to turn it on its side and I can't fix it.....grrr....

Loved the mix of the green & blue patterned papers in the kit....

Using some yellow patterened papers in this one which is a stretch for me...I find this colour hard to work with.....but when you have a large yellow cartoon character in there it works.
Hope everyone enjoys the nice long weekend....