Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's been a while!!!

Where did that 6 weeks go??? My excuse (because I feel like I need one) is that work and life have been busy and I had a pretty nasty fall in the shower a few weeks back which knocked out a whole week somewhere in there.

Have to say my family definitely get this record the moments bit because I heard my hubby saying as the ambulance officers were carrying me out to the ambulance that Jo would probably want this photographed - do you think I should get her camera!!! Well he was partly right, certainly the 1st stage which was me sprawled naked in bottom of said shower would not have been welcome....but the ambulance bit would have been okay.....
Any way I can look back now and laugh...its wasn't so funny at the time as I thought I had broken my leg.

I was forced to stay home for a week but was unable to use any of this time for scrapbooking purposes as I had a nasty trauma to my hamstring & just below my bottom - which meant I couldn't sit for the week I had at home, had to lie propped up on one arm....this meant I couldn't scrap.....darn it all.... Anyway long excuse over, I am just about right and have a new respect for those non-slip rubber mats you are meant to have in the bottom of the shower!

So onto some scrapbooking news......thought I had better post a few layouts as a catch up...

Sneak pics of layouts that I had posted in July are now well and truly up at Lime Tart so here they are:
Love this photo of Taylor and my Mum.....and we had these cute birds to use in the July kit - so I came up with this title "Birds of a Feather flock together" to symbolish how close their relationship is!!!

This is an old 2005 photo of Taylor with a bear he and his Gran had just made (on the right).....I thought about this photo when I saw the wee quotes in the July kit and this particular quote
was by Winnie the perfect for this photograph.....don't get to use pink very often with mainly scrapping my boy...but I think I got away with it with using the black cardstock and ledger paper!!!

The kits had a great set of mini quote notes in designed this mini album around the rest of them called "Quotes to live by"

Taylor and his great mate and cousin Michael having a great laugh together

My favourite photo of Taylor as a baby asleep in his cot so "Dream Little Angel" seemed like a great title for this page!!!

Great quote about used a photo of my scrap buddies at a weekend away.

Using the August kit I finally scrapped the first of our photos from our Aussie holiday.....Taylor with his Super Hero the title is "When I grow up I want to be a Super Hero!!!"
I also did a step by step project for Lime tart this month and decided to embellish this CD holder to keep all Taylor's portfolios that come home on CD from his Digitial Year 6 class (a sign of the times)

Finally....I'll leave you with some work I've recently done for Fiskars for the August challenge which was using paint...

A layout showing the beautiful sunsets we get at "Our Happy Place" - our summer holiday spot - Kawa Kawa Bay.....its feels great to have a bit of sunshine today and feel that those summer days might not be too far away....
So thats the end of a long post from me and I won't leave it so long between posts again!!!


vickiparker said...

OMG Jo - that must have been some fall then. Glad you can laugh about it now though. Very funny about the camera. Love your mini book and great to see some of your layouts again.

bubblesofmylife said...

Ouch! Hope you had lots of kind people to care for you, give you flowers, feed you chocolate ... all the important things! A ride in an ambulance ... that is something you'd want pictures of so you can scrap.

Beautiful layouts there too.

Raewyn aka whinney said...

I must apologise for laughing when you told me this story Jo, but by that time I knew you were ok. you are such a great storyteller. Maybe take a photo of the new shower mat to record this "incident" hehehe

Loved seeing your album in real life and its great to see some of the layouts on your blog to drool over whenever I like.

Teresa said...

Oh my goodness Jo! Hope you're on the mend.

Jenny said...

Goodness Jo - what a thing to happen! My husband would say they'd need a block and tackle to lift me up should I ever fall

rowanz said...

Ouch all right! Hope you are well on the mend now...up for coffee from the 20th/21st as I will be in palmy then.